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Le nuvole : Album con le foto delle più belle nuvole

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la serie delle più belle nuvole del mese è terminata, ora occorre andare nel sito per poterne apprezzare e scaricare delle altre.......

‘Light Show’ was spotted over Bangkok. © Sitthivet Santikarn

’Minnesota Mammatus’ was spotted over Lino Lakes, Minnesota, U.S. © Jackie Zeleznikar

‘Stroke of colours’ was spotted over Alcalá de Henares, Spain. . © Adolfo Garcia-Marin

‘Rays and Shadows’ was spotted over Bergamo Italy. © Fulvio Crotti Spreafico

‘Racing the Roll Cloud’ was spotted during the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race. © Carlo Borlenghi/Rolex

‘Faces in Mammatus’ was spotted over Douglas Bay, the Isle of Man.

© Heidi Bailey

‘Above The Clouds’, was viewed on a flight from Dublin to Spain.© John Gale

‘Storm Front Surprise’, is from Turnberry, Ayrshire in Scotland.© Eunice Clarke

 ‘Lightning on Lake Como’, is from Italy.© Barbara Mezzera

‘Northern Lights’, is from Denmark. © Jesper Grønne

‘Cloud Smile’, is from Stratford-Upon-Avon. U.K.  © Emma Jukes

‘Sunset Lenticularis’, is from Fiordland, New Zealand. © Shirley Moodie

‘On the Wing’, was taken in Southern Spain. © Christina Chelmick

This month’s image, ‘Squall Line’, was taken in Derby Australia. © Hans Leenaarts


This month’s image, ‘Touching the Clouds’, was taken at Disneyland Paris. © Dawn James

This month’s image comes from the ‘above the clouds’ category of our gallery. It is different view of a rainbow from the normal one, and was spotted on a flight above Anglesey, North Wales.
© John Rowlands

Diamod Dust esposizione di archi e aloni, letta a circa 8.700 piedi sopra una piccola città chiamata Silvercreek in Colorado. Stati Uniti © Jay Brazel

Lenticularis, forming as a pair of cap clouds over Mount Lidgbird and Mount Gower on the south east coast of Australia.

Photograph taken from Lord Howe Island.© Matthew Brennan

Looking Down at the Clouds - Photographed over Corio Bay, Geelong, Australia © Heather Hartkamp

 Whatever happened to cloud nine? - Photographed over Naples, Italy © Modestino Carbone

The Poor Man's Optcal Effect - Photographed over Lively, Ontario, Canada. © Paul Laplante.

Thick and puffy - Photographed over Cividale del Friuli, Italy. © Tommaso Zamò

Your turn to do the washing up - Photographed over El Chalten, Patagonia © John Maltas

Pump it up (July 09) - Photographed over Naples, Italy © Henning Thing


The Jacques Cousteau cloud - Photographed over Schiehallion, Perthshire, Scotland © Ken Prior

Clouds, by the Light of the Moon - Photographed over Bangalore, India © Monish Mathiaas

Every Sundog Has Its Day - Photographed over Mount Jade, Taiwan © Jo-chun Ho

 Cloudspotter collision alert - Photographed over Apollo, Pennsylvania, U.S. © Grover Schrayer

 Please keep the Clouds in order - Photographed over Amsterdam, Netherlands. © Carlos Herrero

A new dawn - Photographed over Puesta , Mexico© Fabian Gonzales

 A floating view of sinking clouds - Photographed from  aerostat balloon over the Potomac River, Washington DC, USA. © Curt Westergard

Shadow Play - Photographed over Murcia, Spain © Steen Hastrup-Stilling


 Love  'em or Hate 'em ? - Photographed over Neath, South Wales © Mike Davies

The Silly-Season Cluods - Photographed over St Albans, U.K © Vanessa Sonnabend

Take Your Parteners... - Photographed over the Cook Inlet, southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, US © Barbara Bundy

The Arc of Many Names - Photographed over Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, Washington, USA © Russ Hendricks

Some Like it Hot  ? Photographed over South Island, New Zealand © Peter Rees

Where were you brought up ? (May '08)Photographed over Long Island, in The Bahamas © Dene Georgelin

A clouds of many (April '08) Photographed over Perth, Western Australia © Dane Gerneke

Thor's contrails (march '08)  Photographed over Karasjok, Norway © Mark Humpage

Hallo, what's that ? (february '08) Photographed over Smalbash, Austria © Thomas Dossler

When clouds show off (january '08) Photographed over Darwin, Australia © Jason Smith

Rolls of delight (december '07)(Image © Rene Verduijin)



 Flying the flag for clouds (november '07)(Image © Bob Peterson)


Cities in the ski, flyght to Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur (October '07)(Image © Ruziana Mohd Mokhtarl)

Islenof Mull, Scotland (September '07)(Image © Bob Norvill)

Alpi Marittime, Luguria - Italy (August '07)(Image © Remo Mattè)

Flying snails  (July '07)(Image © How Colling)

Negative cantrails  (June '07)(Image © John Norris)

Calling all weather sleuths  (May '07)(Image © Dennis Cowan)

The Hairy Mammoth  (April '07)(Image © Tina Moore)

Sweetness and Light  (March '07)(Image © Marco Castellani)

Are the rarest the best? (February '07)(Image © Eric Rehwald)

Serpents of th sky (January '07)(Image © Brian Chudlegh)

View of the deep(December '06)( Image © Riccardo Dall'Acqua)

Satan's Shadows(November '06)( Image © John Annesley)

A cloud windows(October '06)(Image © Antonio Bonasera)

Castles in the air  (September '06)( Image © Carolyne Locher) vai sù

Surf'up !(August '06)( Image © Brian Wong)

Boo, Man ! (July '06)( Image © Dave Newton)

Moby "Supercell" Dick (June '06)( Image © Mike Hollingshead)

The cloud  that never sleeps (May '06) (Image © Chris Mabbott) vai sù

The whisper of the Cirrus (April '06) (Image © Dorian Creber)

Sometimes, Less is More (March '06) 

Blair (February '06)           


Nacreous (January '06)   vai sù

Cirrostratus (December '05)

Tuba (November '05)

Virga (October '05)

Cirrocumulus (September '05) vai sù

Altostratus (August '05)

Cumulus (July '05)

Mamma (June '05)

Pileus (May '05) vai sù

Lenticularis (April '05)

 Stratus (March '05)

Cumulonimbus (February '05) 

Contrails (January '05)

vai sù


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